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The Only 5 Zone is a collective impact project to fight rural and urban poverty. It provides resources and leadership to the public, non-profit, and community based organisations that are making India a better place to live, work and play. Since the establishment of the Only 5 Zone in January 2019, we have created a powerful cross-sector organisation that is representing how to target and align local finance to create better lifetime results for students and families.

It is really rewarding to spread innovation that addresses rural and urban poverty and offers promising practices to the nation. Working with citizens and our social sector partners, we are building a greater place where the future is bright for everyone.

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We Help the World Grow the Financial Technologies It Needs


Our Vision

We aim to create a dynamic, safe and liveable community with high educational realisation and durable economic development over the ten year term and beyond.


Our Mission

The Only 5 Zone Organisation allows our socially diverse communities by supporting our determinations and resources to upkeep family success.


Our Work

Our work recognizes the importance of high performing financial strategies and economic opportunity as important elements of strong communities.

Terms & Conditions

1. Any participant over the age of 18 years and want to be financially free can become the partner of Only 5 Zone by registration in the community organisation with or without sponsor.

2. Only 5 Zone requires that every member should put the correct information in the registration form, if it is established that there is any oddness or violation of rules a strict action may be taken which may lead to cancelation of registration.

3. One user can make any number of registration.

4. Only 5 Zone is a concept for making community strong in term of financial education and economic upliftment.

5. No one can get benefits of any Zone without entry fee.

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